Puppies from the past!

Luna is the best dog I've ever
had in so many ways.  She is very intelligent and it's
been a rewarding experience for both of us to participate in
a variety of training classes. She is fun loving and enjoys
interaction and playtime  with people and with other dogs.-
she loves to fetch and retrieve, both on land and in the
water and is a wonderful swimmer.  She loves her toys, but
is not very possessive of them when other dogs come to
play.  She is very affectionate, sensitive, and like most
doodles, a little goofy at times! Lastly, she has a very
resilient personality - she is confident, curious, and
independent. My favorite thing to do with her is hike
and we often go on two or three hikes a week with a couple
friends and their dogs, usually off-leash as she is very
obedient about staying close to me.  This didn't take
much training - she naturally stays close to me and if she
gets a little ahead of me on the trail, she immediately
comes back to stay with me. Luna thrives on having exercise
most days, though she is very content to lay by my side when
I work on the computer, watch a movie or read a
book. She loves to go on walks in the
neighborhood when we don't have time for a hike. 

Nash snuggling up so sweet with his family in Utah! 

Charlie Ash loves his morning snuggles from the grand babies!!!

Cyrus and Asher looking so cute for Halloween! 


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