About us!

We are the Solomon Family! 
We live in middle Tennessee on a small hobby farm. We began breeding golden doodles in 2013 and took a small break during our last three adoptions. Our goldendoodles are a part of our family!  

Our oldest son and his beautiful bride! They are the cutest college kids and loving life while working hard to get their education complete! 

Our second son, Andrew....who is the life of the party and is also loving college life !

This is our oldest daughter Leah! She and Nash are like paper and glue! They are always together. Nash lives with her and protects her from all her worries in her tiny house that she lives in on our land. Nash is a multigeneration golden doodle. 

This is Sweet Caroline and her buddy Sage. Sage will be a mom the end of 2019. She is Caroline's side kick.  Caroline is the push behind the puppies. She has loved taking care of the puppies and helping them find their forever homes. She is calm and sweet loving with some strictness. She works hard training and loving all her dogs and puppies. 

 Our beautiful four year old and little dog whisper! She LOVES the animals and is so tender and loving with each puppy. 

Daring and adventurous describes this fun loving girl!!! She is the mother hen and always ready to take care of business! 

 Our gorgeous girls and mega puppy helpers. They are great about puppy help in all areas!!!

This dimple faced boy...He's full of energy and excitement all the time. Mr. Social has so many friends and loves each of them loyally. This sweet trait is awesome with our pups as he nurtures them and reads to them every day after school. 

Ciara and Caroline love to do yoga and NIKE very big and pregnant always near by but NOT feeling Yoga on this day!!! 

These are some random shots of our doodles and our family! 
Thanks for stopping by!!!


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