Our puppies

Our pups are multigenerational golden doodles.

Why choose a goldendoodle pup?

They are a wonderful addition to many families. Their devoted nature, eager to please personality, intelligence, and some are hypo-allergenic or very low to non shedding coats. Many golden doodles are chosen for service dogs and therapy dogs.

We have five sweet kiddos that are adopted and we have found that the doodles are so helpful to them as they are healing and going through lives journey.

Some great reasons to have a goldendoodle

  • Intelligent
  • Well behaved
  • Easily Trained
  • They love kids
  • Incredibly Loyal
  • Low shedding 

We only have two litters a year if that because we want to give the utmost care to our puppies. It takes time and lots of energy to breed and have puppies. 
This is a perfect example of how they take care of our family. Nike just had her litter of 10 puppies last week and one of our daughters has the stomach bug. Nike when running out to potty or eat a snack would check on her and lay beside her until she heard her puppies crying again.  I love their love and loyalty. 

Nike had a litter of puppies on Jan. 19/Jan. 20 
Her pups will be ready to go to their forever homes in MARCH when they are 8 weeks old. 

Our puppies live with us in our home. We believe in giving them the best start and socializing them at three days old. 

  To prepare them for the job of fulltime family companion, we use several techniques including:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (starting at 3 days old)
  • Daily interaction with kids
  • Basic Commands  
  • Puppies’ feet, ears, and mouth are handled almost daily to prepare for grooming and veterinary care.  
  • We begin teach the puppies “Go Potty” to prepare the pups for easy housetraining.  
  • Puppy play areas have open crates filled with blankets and stuffed toys so crate training is easy. 

 These are past liters....and already gone to their forever homes. 


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